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Parenting Stories That We LOVE

Parenting comes with many joyful moments and hard trials. However, every struggle is worth all the loving memories created between family. On Global Parents Day, we want to recognize the many stories of real parents, caregivers, and guardians, raising wonderful children.  

We asked Nest parents to share some of their favorite parenting stories, anonymously or not, through an online submission form. Here are some of our favorite stories submitted:  


Tell us a Time You Helped Your Child Overcome Something 

“I was blessed with the strength to carry my children through the hardest road of their life witnessing domestic violence. Showing them no matter how hard things are in life, you can survive anything you put your mind to, even if you feel broken. Never give up: you need to keep going and keep your loved ones safe.” – Anonymous. 

“Behavior regulation – understanding techniques and strategies to use to become better in control of your mind, body, and attitude before reacting to a situation.  

School can sometimes be a struggle for my little one. Add in extra noise, distractions and different social situations and he can feel overwhelmed and this making him quick to react, sometimes not in the most positive way. While working with the school closely and becoming a “team”, we worked through different strategies he can use and keep in his “toolbox” to better handle different situations that may make him want to react.  

At home, we continue to use the same language discussed upon at school to foster that continued “team” aspect and approach to make life seem less daunting at times. Since Kindergarten, we have made leaps and bounds in his social situations. Not just in school – at home and through sports. We have learned that it is okay to have big feelings and big emotions, but it is how we can better handle and conduct ourselves before reacting. I think through teaching our little one, we even learned ourselves as parents that sometimes, we even need to take a break or a breath before reacting!” – Anonymous 


“A time when I helped my child overcome something was when she lost faith in herself to be herself. Many times, young children feel the need to impress others and be followers. I sat with my daughter and told her she is a beautiful person inside and out. And she will overcome the world when she’s older. She will be a leader because she does not need to change for the world. She is the change. She was born the difference.” – Anonymous 


Often, your child helps you overcome something, even unexpectedly. Tell us a time your child helped you overcome something . . . 


“I lost faith in myself and my beauty. I wanted to eat healthier and get to a healthier weight for me. My daughter went to every workout with me. She pushed me to keep going and not to give up. If I struggled during workouts, she would get down and do the exercise with me to prove if she could do it; I could too. She is a smart and courageous little girl.” – Sarah B.

Sarah B. and her daughter


“If I did not have my children to look at each day and their encouragement and strength, I might not have made it! They were my rock!” – Anonymous 


“After a surgery that took me out of commission for many months, I set a goal to compete in a sprint triathlon to regain strength mentally and physically for myself and my family. There were several moments I wanted to give up. Times that my arms were so weak I could not even lift myself out of the pool during training. Every time I came close to giving up, I remembered that I had two young kids watching on the sideline. They knew I had set this goal, talked about it with me often, and were my cheerleaders to make it to race day. Because of them, I never gave up and was able to accomplish the goal I set out to complete.”– Brittany M. 

Brittany M
Brittany B. and her children

Children often say interesting things out of the blue . . . Here are some of our favorite things our parents shared with us. 

“I have many favorite things she has said to me. But by far, it would have to be that I am the best mom in the world. And being a single mom for 8yrs of her life is the best to hear from her.” – Sarah B. 

 “My children saw a lot and for them to tell me that they were proud of where we are now and that we may not have everything we want, we have a safe place to live and we have each other, Even after we lost everything, they still felt love and happiness! For them to appreciate the simple things meant so much to me as a mom!” – Anonymous 

“A mom is someone who tucks their kid into bed. A mom is someone who goes to every sports game and school event. A mom is someone who even when they are really mad and angry, they don’t get frustrated, they listen to what you have to say, and then tell you what you could have done instead. A mom is someone who says I love you every day. You’re the best person to be a mom and I am glad you are mine.” – bonus son to me  

“Hey dad, when I make it in the NHL, I’m going to buy you guys a mansion. Because you guys deserve it after taking me to hockey all these years!” – 11 year old to his dad.” – Anonymous 


As young as children are, they often teach us lessons we might not have thought of or learned before. Tell us a Time Your Child Taught You a Lesson . . . 

“She, without notice, has taught me how to be more patient. She’s taught me to laugh at the silly mistakes because life is too short not to laugh. She’s taught me to be happy because she is always smiling.” – Sarah B. 

“That I can get through the hardest times of my life and when I feel like I can’t make it somehow I do.” – Anonymous 

“That you do not have to birth a child yourself to feel an overwhelming sense of love for them – bonus son or not, he has filled a void in my heart I never knew I was missing.” – Anonymous 


“A cute recent story of how sweet my daughter is. She made a snack plate all by herself with PB&J, grapes, and the last chocolate pudding cup. She brought two spoons for us to share the pudding. And made two sandwiches for her and me. It was the sweetest thing in the world.” – Anonymous 


It’s all about LOVE . . . One Last Parenting Story That We Absolutely Love! 

“Being a parent is the hardest job in life. When you have children, life isn’t always picture perfect. Life happens, it isn’t always easy, and times can be rough and unpredictable. Having children fills you with fight and love and makes one get through anything that is thrown at you. You fight to stay strong because of one simple word “Love.” Love is so powerful and when you have children you love them so much you will fight until the end of time for them no matter how old you are. A mother’s love never dies.” – Anonymous