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The Nest Difference

Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Safer and Healthier Every Step of the Way

We are an Eco-Healthy Child Care® Endorsed Provider

Every child deserves a place that is healthy and safe.

  • Safer pesticides and pest prevention
  • Better air quality
  • Safer household chemical use
  • Preventing lead and mercury exposure
  • Reducing harmful chemical and allergen exposure in furniture, playground equipment, and carpets
  • Non-toxic art supplies
  • Safer plastics
  • Radon testing and safety


At The Nest, we take every precaution to ensure your child’s health and safety when they spend their day with us. Our schools provide layers of security measures to protect the children in our care.

  • Observance cameras throughout our schools
  • Keyless entry pads
  • Panic buttons
  • Weekly and monthly safety checks inside and outside of our schools
  • Teachers are background checked, First Aid/CPR certified and trained on proper medical emergency procedures


Air Purifiers

Every Nest School features Aerus® air purifiers throughout the building that use Active Pure Technology® to keep your children and our staff safe and healthy. ActivePure Technology® is the only Certified Space Technology air cleaning system in the world. It works by continuously cleaning and protecting air and surfaces 24 hours a day, reducing 99.96% of airborne SARS-CoV-2 viral particles as well as other viral contaminants. Learn more here.

Automated Handwashing Stations

Many of our schools feature Meritech automated handwashing stations that remove 99.9% of harmful pathogens in a 12-second handwash cycle. They provide the perfect handwash every time and reduce water waste! Learn more here.


At The Nest Schools, we know that we receive more than vitamins and nutrients when we eat. We taste, we talk, we share, and we learn about each other and the world around us. Mealtimes at The Nest are used as valuable times to promote language skills, life skills, self-awareness, health, and social skills. We serve children varied, child-friendly menus with whole food and fresh food offerings as a regular part of our daily breakfast, lunch, and snack service.



Purposeful Play

Our curriculum and program design incorporate the most current research in early development to best prepare children for their future in and out of the classroom. Each element of our Nest Play curriculum shares one goal: to help children love to learn.

But how is our philosophy on creative play different, and how will it benefit your child as they grow with us?

At The Nest, we believe that involving children in hands-on experiences is the true definition of teaching. Each day, we’re re-imagining learning through creative play opportunities and our enrichment programs Art of Living, Fit Buddies, and Paints and Pianos. We encourage children to wonder, question, work with their peers, and experiment with different possibilities.

From the design of our classroom and the materials we use to the way our curriculum is delivered, every detail has an intentional purpose: creating a fun and enjoyable style of learning by teaching children in a way they will naturally embrace.

Our Enrichment Programs

fit buddies with big white bg
  • Youth wellness and fitness-inspired wellness program. 
  • Strengthens health and physical development. 
  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle from the start. 
paints and pianos with big white bg
  • Exposes children to the value and beauty of fine arts and classical music. 
  • Supports brain development, cognitive development, and social and emotional development.  
art of living new new
  • Teaches children the value in doing meaningful tasks.
  • Develops basic skills necessary to communicate, care for themselves and others, and a little bit of practical life skills.  

Global Gull Language Exposure Program

American Sign Language (ASL)

Our infant and toddler curriculum includes our Global Gull American Sign Language Program. Children will be taught core signs such as milk, sleep, play, all done, more, mother, and father.


Spanish Program

Our preschool curriculum includes the Global Gull Spanish Language Program. A few examples of Spanish words children will learn include todo hecho (all done), jugar (play), and sí (yes).



Building Relationships. Engaging Families.

Communication with our families is a top priority at The Nest Schools. Everything from the face-to-face interactions during pick up and drop off times, individual conference times, school e-newsletter, daily reporting app, and interactive displays outside every classroom allow for parents to be fully involved and in the know on their child’s learning and progress here with us.

Nest Notes Features
Daily communication about your child’s day.

  • Notes on what your child ate and drank at meals
  • Toileting/diapering
  • Naps
  • Pictures
  • SMS and email with school

Nest News 
Important information at your fingertips.

  • Daily lesson plans
  • School and classroom announcements
  • Daily menu
  • Teacher Bios
  • and more!


Top Teachers

Inspiring a Love of Learning

At The Nest Schools, we hire teachers who have a genuine love for young children and share our vision of raising a world of kind, healthy, and inspired kids. All of our teachers are highly-trained youth developers who are dedicated to bringing out what is special and unique about each child.

Here at The Nest, we require all our teachers to have the highest quality education to promote, teach, and support each child’s educational development. We believe in this so much that we have formed The Nest University, an unparalleled training and professional development program for our staff of all levels. We also encourage our teachers to pursue their education in Early Childhood Education by providing them access to obtain their CDA at no cost to them along with other tuition reimbursement benefits.

We attract the finest teachers because we offer them industry-leading benefits.

  • Top wages
  • Wellness programs
  • Childcare discounts
  • Best workplace environment
  • Comprehensive benefits package
  • Exceptional training
  • Advancement opportunities
  • Nest Eggs rewards and recognition program



Adventure and Discovery Awaits

At The Nest, we set out to create outdoor environments that entice children to engage with nature. Our playgrounds are rich with plants and natural elements, exciting play themes, and physical challenges. Children can learn to assess risks and test their boundaries within an environment that was created with their safety, health, and skill-building in mind.

The designs for The Nest School’s outdoor classrooms were guided by ten core elements:

  • abundant nature
  • outdoor art
  • music/movement
  • sensory exploration
  • climbing
  • gardening and growing
  • building and creating
  • dramatic play
  • opportunities for gathering
  • working with loose parts

Our outdoor play space design is a large part of who we are and shows our dedication to ensuring that adventure and discovery stay a part of children’s young lives.