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Young Toddlers Program


We recognize that your young toddler has the capacity to learn so much in the first few years of their life by simply having opportunities to explore and play amongst peers. Our teachers encourage learning through daily routines and experiences involving health and physical development, social-emotional development, language and literacy development, and so much more. Your child will enjoy their first steps towards discovering their independence through fun, positive interactions with other children in a safe, structured, and secure environment.

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Our Duckling program provides toddlers:

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Space to move, explore, and engage with peers and teachers

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Opportunities to explore independence

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Support through developmental milestones

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The fundamentals to build on existing knowledge in preparation for the next stage of our program

Nest Play Curriculum

The Nest Play curriculum is our proprietary and comprehensive approach to early education. It is designed to help children succeed and thrive and includes our core and supplemental curriculum components, our philosophy on creative play, and the method and style of delivery that our teachers use. We believe our work in early childhood education is about developing the whole child: socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically.  

 As part of The Nest Play curriculum, children who attend our schools participate in three proprietary supplemental curriculums designed to enhance and enrich their confidence, creativity, and personal development. Our enrichment programs are delivered by an in-house specialist on a regular schedule in each classroom and are free to families enrolled at The Nest Schools.  

Our Enrichment Programs

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  • Yoga and fitness inspired wellness program. 
  • Strengthens health and physical development 
  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle from the start. 
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  • Exposes children to the value and beauty of fine arts and classical music. 
  • Supports brain development, cognitive development, and social and emotional development.  


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  • Teaches children the value in doing meaningful tasks as well as how to become their own person.  
  • Develops basic skills necessary to communicate, care for themselves and others, and how to contribute to society in meaningful ways.  

American Sign Language Program (ASL)

Our ducklings curriculum also includes our Global Gull American Sign Language Program.

Most young children begin to talk around 12 months old, while some infants even try to communicate with their parents and caregivers even earlier!

One way of helping our young children express their feelings, wants, and needs without crying and frustration of a lack of understanding from adults is through simple sign language, commonly known as ‘Baby Core Signs.’ These core signs include words like milk, sleep, play, all done, more, mother, father, etc.

The Nest Difference

We are proud to offer the highest quality early education program for families in the communities we serve. As you compare other daycare and childcare facilities, we invite you to come experience The Nest difference!