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Art of Living (old)

As caregivers, teaching our children basic life skills and instilling the value of showing respect and kindness to everyone is one of the most important jobs we have. Through our Art of Living program, children are engaged in age-appropriate activities that build their confidence as individuals and community members. Tasks that later in life might be considered “chores” can truly be rewarding, and we recognize that giving children that perspective now goes hand in hand with their development. Through meaningful lessons such as “How to Care for Plants” or “How to Have a Conversation”, children acquire a skill set to take with them, not only throughout their experiences at The Nest, but a lifetime.

The skills developed in this program and the joy children experience in being their own person are irreplaceable. We are certain that your child will enjoy and learn from all The Art of Living has to offer and that YOU will love the results too!

The Art of Living is taught by an in-house dedicated Education Coordinator. Families can expect to see these classes taking place once a week per age group and classroom as part of their enrollment at The Nest!