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WEEKS 37-40

Welcome Summer, Saying It Right, Soccer, Fauvism

(Global Gull: Caliente, Aspersor, Sol, Helado, Sombrero)

Over the next four weeks, our Nest Play curriculum will welcome children to engage in new, exciting experiences that continue to promote their naturally curious minds! Our Robins will be engaged in various activities that support their oral and spoken language development. Activities like “Silly Stories” and storytelling through puppets will support and encourage our learners to further develop their language and communication skills. Our Robins can take a closer look at the natural world around them as we bring the life cycle right before their eyes through a caterpillar to butterfly discovery! Children will notice the caterpillars’ changes before the amazing metamorphosis and record their observations through journal drawings. The Robins classes will release the Painted Lady butterflies once they have matured! By creating butterfly feeders and cleaning our outdoor space, children will understand how important it is to care for our inside and outdoor spaces. Ownership and voice show our Robins how they can be a part of impacting the world positively. To accompany our monthly enhancement theme, teachers will read stories, engage in songs, and enhance the various learning environments around the Robins classroom to accompany meaningful experiences related to “Welcome Summer.” 


In addition to our Nest Play Curriculum, our Robins will also continue learning throughout our Take the L.E.A.P. program, which highlights the use of active learning experiences to foster letter recognition as outlined in our “Letter Loon” program as well as name recognition as outlined in our “Who Am I?” program. In “Letter Loon,” our letters of study for this unit will be J/Z/W/V, and in “Who Am I?” we will start our third quarter area of study by stringing all of the letters together to make our name through various hands-on activities, games, and songs. 


In this unit, our Robins will be exposed and introduced to our Spanish Core Words such as ‘play,’ ‘sleep,’ ‘bathroom,’ and ‘all done,’ and our monthly words that accompany our theme of ‘Welcome Summer’ in Spanish. Children will learn the Spanish words for ‘hot,’ caliente, ‘sprinkler,’ aspersor, ‘sun,’ sol, ‘ice cream,’ helado, and ‘hat’ sombrero. Teachers will use these Spanish words in day-to-day interactions, conversations, songs, and storytelling with our young children to further gain exposure and awareness to offering a form of communication and learning a new language. Teachers will provide exposure and repetition through various opportunities for our young children to practice and further explore their newly discovered language! 

paints and pianos with big white bg

In our Paints and Pianos program, our Robins will dive into the world of fine arts through artists such as Andre Derain, Henri Matisse, Maurice de Vlaminck, and Marcel Mouly as we begin our unit on Fauvism! They will get a chance to observe the different artists’ works of art and engage in teacher-led conversations about the mediums the artist used while creating. Education Coordinators will set out various materials such as paints, stamps, ink pads, rollers, sponges, and more. Our Robins will receive many opportunities to use these materials to create pieces of Fauvism art, such as collages with various shapes and colors! Our Robins will listen to stories inspired by the work of Fauvism, such as “Monsters Love Colors” by Mike Austin, to further draw connections to the artist and their work. . 

fit buddies with big white bg

In Fit Buddies, our Robins will engage in various physical activities as we begin our “Soccer” unit! Our education coordinators will start the unit by introducing us to how to dribble and stop a soccer ball with our feet. Throughout the unit, we will experiment with kicking the ball through a set of cones, playing monkey in the middle, and dividing into teams for a friendly and fun soccer game. To end each class, we will practice yoga and meditation poses to encourage children to feel connected with themselves and focus on their overall mind and body wellness! 

art of living new new

In The Art of Living, our Robins will explore the topic of “Saying It Right,” where they will engage in various activities that will help promote important skills such as how to address an envelope, how to write a “thank you” and “condolence” note, and lastly how to answer and make phone calls. Through small group experiences and explorative play, children will explore writing letters to their peers or community members and the steps to seal and send a letter. We also will spend time discussing how it makes us feel when we receive a letter or a phone call from someone else. We will listen to the story “The Jolly Postman” by Janet and Allen Ahlberg and look at the many letters a postman might deliver to others.