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November 28th - December 23rd

Winter Weather, Cubism, Soccer, and All That Laundry

Over the next four weeks, our Nest Play curriculum will invite children to engage in experiences that are both new, exciting, and continue to promote their naturally curious minds! Our Robins will be engaged in various activities that support their language and literacy development with an assortment of activities. Activities include playing numerous rhyming word games as well as a fun storytelling game of “Silly Stories” with our peers. Our Robins will get a chance to use and build upon their scientific and mathematical skills throughout this unit. To promote these skills, they will participate in activities such as building shapes with popsicle sticks and identifying and creating different types of patterns. We will also sit back and enjoy story time with our teachers and peers as we read books that support our “Winter Weather” theme. 

In addition to our Nest Play Curriculum, our Robins will also continue learning throughout our Take the L.E.A.P. program which highlights the use of active learning experiences to foster letter recognition as outlined in our “Letter Loon” program as well as name recognition as outlined in our “Who Am I?” program. In “Letter Loon,” our letters of study for this unit are C/K/E, and in “Who Am I?” we will be identifying our name (and the names of our peers) in various print sources, games, and songs. 

paints and pianos with big white bg

In our Paints and Pianos program, our Robins will explore the world of fine arts through artists such as Pablo Picasso, Alexandra Nechita, Georges Braque, and Salvador Dali as we begin our unit on Cubism! They will get a chance to observe the different artists’ works of art as well as engage in teacher-led conversations about the mediums used to create the art. The children will also get opportunities to create cubism art of their very own! Education Coordinators will set various materials such as scrapbooking paper and newspaper print for collages as well as air dry clay for creating three dimensional pieces. In addition, children will be able to sculpt their own stamp out of Styrofoam boards and make prints on their paper! Our Robins will hear stories inspired by Cubism such as” The Cat And The Bird” by Geraldine Elschner to further draw connections to the artist and their work. 

fit buddies with big white bg

In Fit Buddies, our Robins will engage in various physical activities as we begin our “Soccer” unit! Our Education Coordinators will start the unit off by introducing how to dribble and stop a soccer ball with our feet. Throughout the unit, we will experiment with kicking the ball through a set of cones, playing monkey in the middle, and dividing into teams for a friendly and fun soccer game. To end each class, we will spend time practicing yoga and meditation poses to encourage children to feel connected with themselves and focus on their overall mind and body wellness! 

art of living new new

In The Art of Living, we will be talking all about “All That Laundry!” where our Robins will engage in various activities that will help promote important skills such as how to sort, wash, and fold our laundry. Through small group experiences and explorative play, we will practice sorting and matching our laundry, washing and drying our laundry, packing and unpacking items, and other hands-on activities to help create meaningful experiences throughout the next 4 weeks!