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At the Nest School, we offer a comprehensive kindergarten program at select Cleveland area schools. Our curriculum includes all traditional subjects, as well as art, music, gym, and technology. As in a public school, our students are required to master all state learning standards and participate in one standardized test near the end of the year.  

What sets us apart, is our effort to support our students on a personal level. Class sizes are smaller (maximum of 18 students), allowing individualized instruction. Students can learn at their own pace, are given the time to master each skill and, more importantly, develop confidence in their own abilities.  

One measure of student success is reflected in the students’ standardized test scores. Each spring, the students take the IOWA Test of Basic Skills, which measures their Language Arts and Math skills. Students participating in our private kindergarten program routinely score above average on this test.

Younger children who demonstrate readiness may enroll in The Nest kindergarten class provided they turn five by December 31st of that school year. 

We are now enrolling for the 2024 – 2025 school year! This program will be offered at our Avon, Hudson, and Westlake Ohio schools. 

Meet Our Teachers

Kayla Simpson

Avon, OH

Ms. Simpson has been teaching at our Avon school since 2016. She enjoys having fun with her students using sensory materials like shaving cream and sand for spelling sight words and different reward systems to help shape positive behavior. Ms. Simpson remembers having teachers that made her feel special and she enjoys coming to school every day to do the same with her students!

Ms. Simpson wants her students to leave her classroom feeling confident, believing in themselves and their new skills!

“Ms. Simpson is so caring and attentive to each student. She provides individualized attention, care, and love to each child. She truly loves what she does, and it shows. She goes above and beyond in many aspects, including her teaching activities and communicating with parents. We are so glad we chose the Nest for our daughter. She is well prepared for 1st grade, and we owe it all to Ms. Simpson.” – The Harper Family

Veronica Slusser

Hudson, OH

Ms. Slusser, or as her students call her Ms. Pepper, has been with our Hudson location since 2020 but has been teaching since 2009. Ms. Pepper believes in learning through play and uses fun games to reinforce lessons on reading, math, and science, which provides practice on the concepts being taught. 

She frequently assesses the children to monitor for understanding so that she can provide new and engaging activities and games. Once mastered, her students have the opportunity to learn more challenging concepts with her encouragement!

Although teaching math and science is a joy to Ms. Pepper, reading is her favorite subject to teach. Not only has she taught every student she has ever had in her class how to read, but most of her students leave her class reading chapter books!

Ms. Pepper makes everyday fun at The Nest Schools, but especially themed days like 50s day, 100th day, and 101 Dalmatians day!

We can’t recommend The Nest Kindergarten program enough!

“When it comes to the foundation of academics, the program truly transforms a child’s journey throughout the year.
In the end, not only was our son capable of reading, writing, adding, subtracting, thinking critically and creatively, etc., but a love for learning was instilled and nurtured, igniting a true passion for learning.
The kindergarten teacher sets up her students for success in their next steps and beyond. Her methods and creativity engage each child at
their independent levels and truly make them flourish.” – The Rankin Family

Grace Birney

Westlake, OH

Ms. Birney obtained her Early Childhood Education degree from Ashland University and her Ohio teaching license in May of 2010. She began teaching first grade at our Westlake location in the Fall of the same year, and then transitioned to kindergarten several years later. As of 2023, she has thirteen years of teaching experience.   

Over time, she has carefully honed her teaching style and philosophy based on the needs of each class. The curriculum is highly flexible in her room, often following the interests of the students. She believes that every child has a unique learning style, which, if nurtured appropriately, will help them develop a lifelong love of learning. She recognizes the importance of providing clear expectations, a positive learning environment, and opportunities to learn from mistakes. A safe environment for self-expression, cooperative play and learning, and meaningful discussion allows students to have authentic learning experiences and reach their full potential.   


Ms. Birney’s dedication to her craft is evident in the remarkable progress our sons have made while in her classroom. Through her innovative curriculum and engaging teaching methods, she has seamlessly combined learning and fun, fostering a genuine enthusiasm for education within our boys. It’s truly remarkable to witness how they have thrived academically and emotionally under her care.
Furthermore, Ms. Birney’s ability to tailor her teaching to each child’s unique abilities is truly commendable. She creates an inclusive atmosphere where every student feels valued and challenged to reach their full potential. This personalized approach to education ensures that each child’s growth is nurtured and celebrated.

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