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Nest Rebrand Timeline

Classroom Furniture & Materials

Every classroom will be transformed with top of the line, solid maple craftsmanship pieces including tables, chairs, shelves, toys, and every day classroom supplies.


Big Brave Blocks

Our jumbo blocks will ignite children’s imaginations encouraging learning, social development, movement, and of course fun! Click here to learn more about children’s development through big block fun. 



All walls within the school will receive a fresh new coat of paint!



Easy to clean vinyl-plank flooring will be installed throughout the school.

Summer 2022

Outdoor Play Spaces

Our outdoor play spaces will be rich with plants and natural elements, exciting play themes, and physical challenges. Children can learn to assess risks and test their boundaries within an environment created with their safety, health, and skill-building in mind.

Summer 2022

Interior Signage/Artwork

Beautiful artwork, classroom signs, and signs emphasizing our core values will adorn the interior of our school.

Summer 2022

Exterior Signage

New exterior signage will ensure we can’t be missed!

Summer 2022

Digital Signage

Never miss a beat! Our digital displays outside classrooms and in our lobby will keep you up-to-date on weekly curriculum activities, school announcements, events, menus and more!

Summer 2022


We will be installing state-of-the-art security systems at the entrance and throughout our school to keep our children safe and provide parents peace of mind that their children are safe in our care.


Air Purifiers

Air purifiers using ActivePure Technology® will continuously clean and protect air and surfaces 24 hours a day, reducing 99.96% of airborne SARS-COV-2 viral partials as well as other viral contaminants.

Click here to watch a short video with more information on how this technology protects your child while in our care.


Interior Renovations

Natural elements true to our brand will be carried throughout the design of our school. Our welcome area will become a warm and inviting space, and even our hallway spaces will receive fun Nest elements!

Summer 2022

The Nest Difference

We are proud to offer the highest quality early education program for families in the communities we serve. As you compare other daycare and childcare facilities, we invite you to come experience The Nest difference!

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Michelle Taylor

Michelle has worked in early childhood education for over twenty years. She has experience with every age level but most of her years in the classroom were spent with PreK and school age children. She has worked in administration for over 18 years. She has a BA in Elementary Education and loves working in the childcare setting because of the bond that is formed with both children and families. She enjoys having the ability to watch children grow up and is super excited to be joining the administrative team as a co-Director with The Nest Schools!

She has been married for 3 years and has three beautiful daughters: Lynn, 24, Caitlin, 22, and Rylee, 17. In her spare time she loves to cook, hike and garden. We are so grateful for Michelle joining our team!

Meet Our Team

Betsy Bernett

Besty Bernett has been in early childhood care for five years! She has a Bachelors in German & Foreign Language Education from The University of Dayton and has taught middle and high school German/English for seven years before joining the early childhood field.

Betsy left the public schools when the focus went towards testing! Funding was also scarce for foreign language programs; German was cut from several of the school districts that she had worked in. Besty ventured out into corporate America for two and a half years where she did virtual teaching for a software company. She always felt that something was missing from her career path after leaving the traditional education field. Once she had her daughter and was touring facilities for her to attend, she realized that teaching children was her passion and got back into the field. She started out teaching the kindergarteners before transitioning to administration.

Betsy has been married for eight years. Betsy and her husband, Greg have two daughters. Elise is five and Roslyn is 18 months. Her favorite childhood book is “Do Unto Otters”. She enjoyed reading this with her students every year as they talked about treating others with respect and the “golden rule”. We are so lucky to have Betsy on our team!

Meet Our Team

Danae Houchin

Danae Houchin has been in the early childhood field for about 5 and a half years!

She truly enjoys being with children. Growing up, she struggled with behavior issues and unmedicated for ADHD. She was seen as the “bad kid” and did not have anyone to advocate for her. It is now Danae’s goal to advocate for children who do not have a voice and to not let them be written off as the “bad kid.” Instead, she finds solutions to help the teacher learn to better assist each child in learning how to navigate their emotions and find better solutions for behaviors.

Danae has a fiancé and four children: two bonus sons that are 18 and 14, and two biological daughters that are 7 and 3. A fun fact about Danae is that she absolutely loves the Golden Girls. She also collects figurines of them, books, and “Knick knacks” and constantly rewatches each episode.

Her favorite childhood book is The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein because Danae considers herself to be a giver. Her love language is giving! Whether that be giving gifts or just giving her time to someone who needs someone, she does not expect anything in return. We adore having Danae on our team!

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

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Andrea Williams

Andrea has been in early childhood education since 2006 and has a master’s degree in Elementary Education. Andrea started her career in Chicago, working with children from preschool to middle school. She moved to Columbus in 2019 and has been with The Nest ever since, first as a director and now as regional director. Andrea has a strong passion for child development and truly believes that the foundation set during the early childhood years for children plays an immense role in their lifelong success as learners.

Andrea still lives in the Columbus area with her husband, and their three highly active boys. Andrea loves being outside, reading, and going on adventures with her boys during her spare time. Her favorite childhood book is If You Give a Mouse a Cookie because she enjoys watching how children grasp the pattern of the book and what predictions they come up with for what the mouse will want next! We are so lucky to have Andrea on our team!