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Cinco Ranch

Preschool and Daycare in Cinco Ranch, Texas

Welcome to The Nest Schools of Cinco Ranch, Texas!

We are proud to offer Cinco Ranch families childcare and early childhood education for children ages 6 weeks – 12 years old. Our curriculum and program design incorporate the most current research in early development to best prepare children for their future in and out of the classroom.

At The Nest, we work every day to create a culture of kindness, build the foundations for wellness for life, make learning fun, and continually take our best and make it better. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about our child care options and schedule a tour!

Located at the intersection of Westheimer Parkway and Fry Road.

The Nest Difference

At The Nest, we take every precaution to ensure your child’s health and safety when they spend their day with us. Our schools provide layers of security measures to protect the children in our care.
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Our curriculum and program design incorporate the most current research in early development to best prepare children for their future in and out of the classroom. Each element of our Nest Play curriculum shares one goal: to help children love to learn.
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Communication with our families is a top priority at The Nest Schools. Everything from the face-to-face interactions during pick up and drop off times, individual conference times, school e-newsletter, daily reporting app, and interactive displays outside every classroom allow for parents to be fully involved and in the know on their child’s learning and progress.
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At The Nest Schools, we hire teachers who have a genuine love for young children and share our vision of raising a world of kind, healthy, and inspired kids. All of our teachers are highly-trained youth developers who are dedicated to bringing out what is special and unique about each child.
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At The Nest, we set out to create outdoor environments that entice children to engage with nature. Our playgrounds are rich with plants and natural elements, exciting play themes, and physical challenges. Children can learn to assess risks and test their boundaries within an environment that was created with their safety, health, and skill-building in mind.
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Our Cinco Ranch Leadership Team

Christy Williams

Christy Williams

Christy has been in early childhood education since 2001. She has been a teacher of all ages, assistant director, and director since 2016. Christy wants to make a positive impact on each person who walks through the doors of her school. She loves working with her teachers to push them past their comfort level in order for them to improve and be better teachers than they were the day before. However, what she loves most about being in childcare is that there is always a child who will brighten your day!

Christy is married to her best friend and biggest supporter! She has a stepson, daughter, son, and one spoiled dog that runs the house. Christy’s favorite childhood book is The Miss Nelson. We absolutely adore having Christy on our team!
Karla Drman

Karla Dorman

Assistant Director
Karla Dorman has been in the early childcare field for about 12 years! She has a background in both Mathematics and Education

She has always had a love for teaching and building relationships that will inspire. She fully believes that children should feel confident, proud and motivated to “move mountains” and being a part of that journey is inspiring to her. As she continues her “adventure” in childcare as an Assistant Director, Karla wants to help create a fun and positive environment for her teachers and students.

Karla and her fiancé have been engaged for 4 years. Together, they are parents to two children: Corban (7 months) and Zoey (3 years old). They both attend school at The Nest and love their teachers! As a family, they love to travel and seek new adventures. They have two fur babies, Kuckie (Tabby cat, 14 years-old) and Tungztinn (Tung-sten )(pit-lab mix, 13 years-old) who love to cuddle! In her free time, Karla enjoys crafting, painting and sewing.

Her family also loves the outdoors and road trips! When possible, they try to take trips, whether they be big or small! Her two little ones keep them busy, but they are both always up for any adventure.
Karla’s favorite childhood books are Cam Jansen & The Boxcar children’s series. Mystery books were always fun to read for Karla and her favorite to pick off of the library shelves. She has always loved adventure and always found it fun trying to figure out the mystery before she reached the end of the book! We love having Karla on our team!

Jason Bone

Regional Director
Jason has been in early childhood education since 2013 and has a bachelor’s in Business Administration. Jason started his career in childcare as the owner/operator of our Towne Lake location and joined The Nest School Team in 2021 when we acquired our three Houston locations – Towne Lake, Fallbrook, and Cinco Ranch. Jason wants to make a positive difference in the next generation. He believes that building relationships based on trust with parents, children, and staff is paramount in successfully achieving this goal.

Jason is married to his wife Amanda, and has two beautiful daughters who keep them on their toes and require their best every day! Jason’s family loves being outdoors in their free time and enjoys attending Astros games together. His favorite childhood book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar because of the colors and illustrations in the book. He was also fascinated with science at an early age. We greatly enjoy having Jason on our team!

Our Cinco Ranch Educational Programs


We understand that infants need nurturing, and parents need to feel secure knowing their child is in good hands. Our infant teachers are hand-picked natural caregivers who focus on meeting the individual needs of every child. While your child is in our care, you can rest assured that they will receive the attention and interaction they need and deserve.

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We recognize that your young toddler has the capacity to learn so much in the first few years of their life by simply having opportunities to explore and play amongst peers. Our teachers encourage learning through daily routines and experiences involving health and physical development, social-emotional development, language and literacy development, and so much more.

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Our Cardinal program supports older toddlers and their increased independence, exploration of emotions and feelings, and fast-developing use of language. We also understand and support their continued desire to explore everything about their world. We believe our play-based philosophy and learning center structure gives them the best opportunity to do this.

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The early preschool years are nothing short of amazing! Children at this age have an overwhelming eagerness to learn and you will notice that their ability to experiment, explore, and focus on set activities begins to change rapidly. Our Penguin program supports young preschoolers and their need to be challenged, engaged, and encouraged in their learning and personal interests.

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The older preschool years consist of so much learning and development! Their peer relationships are strengthening, they have a more complex understanding and use of language, and their overall motor skills have developed rapidly. Our Robins program continues to provide for preschoolers and their need to be challenged, engaged, and supported in their learning and personal interests.

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Full-time, Private

GREAT things come from great BEGINNINGS! Our private kindergarten programs will help your child excel in a small classroom environment giving them a successful start to their elementary years. Our comprehensive curriculum will use a mix of requirements from the Department of Education alongside our Nest Play curriculum to prepare children for first grade and beyond.

Private kindergarten is not available in our Cinco Ranch location.

Pelicans / Before & After School

Our School Age program provides children with opportunities for exploration, creativity, and fun challenges to support them in becoming their best selves. Our program consists of a mix of guided activities planned by the children and teacher-guided activities.

We offer before and after-school care to elementary schools in the community, including Rylander, Williams, Cimarron, Memorial Parkway, Exley, Pattison, Creech, Hayes, and Fielder elementary schools.

Summer Fun for Your Child

Summer is one of the things children look forward to the most. School’s out, and children are ready to get back to their much-awaited playtime. But instead of letting your child become glued to TV screens, computers, or mobile devices watching cartoons or playing video games, this may be the perfect time to encourage them to engage in activities that offer the right balance between learning and fun. This is where summer camps come in!

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What Our Families Are Saying

“We are so grateful for The Nest Schools! We have had amazing teachers so far, and our son loves every minute of school! What I love is that even the teachers that our son hasn’t had yet all know him by name, and treat him like he is one of their own students. We would (and do) recommend The Nest to anyone that asks.”

Amanda Lacks

“The things we like best about our child care experience at The Nest Schools are that we’re always greeted each morning with the staff’s friendly smiles and positive attitudes. Both of our children feel welcomed and have developed wonderful relationships. We are also impressed by the level of safety and the daily curriculum.”

Stephanie & Ryan Briggs

“To us, The Nest Schools has meant more than just childcare; they have been our partner in the development and success of our kids! ”

Stephen Starr

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