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WEEKS 41-44

Kindness, Caring for Others, Tales of Hoffman: Barcarole, Yoga

Global Gull: Thank-You, Please, Yes

Over the next four weeks, our Nest Play Curriculum will welcome children to engage in new and exciting experiences! Our youngest learners will gain core strength while experiencing new sensations in activities like “Tummy Time Ball” and by pulling hair rollers apart and pushing them together to make them stick together. Pulling scarves and a variety of material swatches from a box also target balance and fine motor skills while igniting curiosity! Teachers will help the Hummingbirds interact with the people around them by using “hello” and “goodbye” to begin engagement in a “serve and return” conversation. Our infants will also start to learn parts of their body by looking in a mirror, through songs, and listening to their teacher talk about what our hands and feet can do! On June 28th we will celebrate International Mud Day when Hummingbirds take part in various “muddy” activities! Collecting nature items outside to create a class-made “Nature Mobile” and using our mud kitchens will be some of these sensory engaging and memory-making experiences. We will also enjoy stories with our teachers and peers supporting our “Kindness” theme, such as “Baby Be Kind” by Karen Katz. 

paints and pianos with big white bg

In our Paints and Pianos program, our Hummingbirds will explore the classical music of The Tales of Hoffman: Barcarole by composer Jacques Offenbach! They will observe and engage in teacher-led conversations about the different sounds, instruments, and tempos used throughout the music. The children will explore scarves and gentle rocking motions with their teachers while engaging in the music. Education Coordinators will pass around a new instrument, a triangle, for the children to touch, observe, and explore alongside the music. Infants will read various stories inspired by The Tales of Hoffman: Barcarole, such as “My Little Sound Book” by Amandine Notaert, to further draw connections. 

fit buddies with big white bg

In Fit Buddies, our Hummingbirds will continue to experience many different yoga and meditation poses to help them develop a sense of self, strengthen their core, and feel connected with their environment and teachers. Enrichment coordinators will create a calming atmosphere with meditation music as they interact individually and assist each child in a developmentally appropriate yoga pose.  

art of living new new

In The Art of Living, our Hummingbirds will explore the topic of “Caring for Other Beings,” where they will engage in various activities that will help promote important skills such as how to be with other children and how to care for pets. Through small group experiences and explorative play, we will practice hello and goodbye interactions with our caregivers and peers to help promote proper greetings. We will model how to clean up our toys when we are done using them, sharing as we pass items back and forth with one another and having conversations as we respond and react to each other’s verbal cues.