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Wellness Wednesday: Activities Ideas That Involve All 5 Senses

Wellness Activities for the Whole Family

Check out these FUN Wellness Activities That Involve All 5 Senses 

5 Senses Nature Walk 

Have a checklist of things to find for each sense.

  • Touch – Find something soft, find something smooth, find something wet 
  • Taste – find something humans can eat, find something animals could eat 
  • Smell – find a flower to smell, find a scent you like, find a scent you do not like 
  • Sound – find an animal sound (bonus points for identifying the animal), find a loud   noise, find a quiet noise 
  • Sight – Find something green, find something small, find something with a pattern 


Sensory Scavenger Hunt/Sorting Activity 

Lay out 5 trays or bins and label one for each of the 5 senses. Have your child find objects around the house that use the 5 senses and have them lay them on the tray/put them in the bin labeled for that sense. Example: A phone might be placed on the “I can hear” tray. A banana would be placed on the “I can taste” tray. 



  • Touch – What do the ingredients feel like when mixing them all together? What texture was your final product? 
  • Taste – What does the final product taste like? 
  • Smell – What does it smell like when they are baking in the oven? 
  • Sound – What kind of sounds does the mixer make? Is it loud or soft? What did the eggs sound like when you cracked them? 
  • Sight – What colors were all the ingredients? What is the color of the final product? Are there any patterns? 



Remember to tailor the activity to the interests and preferences of your family members to ensure everyone has a great time!