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“Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister

Welcome to Buddy’s Book Review! A review of our favorite children’s books here at The Nest Schools. We thoroughly believe in the power of literature, and we are excited to introduce wonderful new children’s books to our families in hopes that they will expand their own home libraries as we expand our own!   

How will we review and rate each book? Each book will be rated in terms of its likeness to our core values: KINDNESSWELLNESSINNOVATION, and FUN. Five beautiful feathers will be given for the core value we think each book best represents. Happy Reading! 

Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister is a timeless children’s classic that has captured the hearts of readers for years and for very good reason. This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of a unique and beautiful fish who learns the joy of sharing, kindness, and giving to others. 

Its vibrant and captivating illustrations bring you into the underwater world, allowing children to explore the ocean alongside Rainbow Fish as he discovers that beauty comes from within and even just a small act of kindness can change the world.  


Through Rainbow Fish’s journey, children learn that true beauty and happiness lies beyond how we look but instead with how we treat others. It’s a lesson that is delivered in a gentle and accessible way, making it easy for young readers to understand and relate to. 


With its important message, beautiful illustrations, and rich language, “Rainbow Fish” is a wonderful book that both parents and children will enjoy. Buddy is proud to give this story five feathers for KINDNESS