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Meet Katreuna

Bird's Eye View: Education Coordinator

Katreuna is currently an Education Coordinator at The Nest in Cinco Ranch, Texas. She is lively, bubbly, and all-around a joy to talk with. When she isn’t working at The Nest, she visits with her grandmother every weekend to play cards and cook while playing music in the background. Her family is from Louisiana, so food is a way to express herself. Together, she and her grandmother cook pork chops, BBQ, rice dressing, sausage and potato stew, crawfish boils, smothered ribs, and pasta. She adores Harry Potter and mystery movies like Sherlock Holmes.  

Katreuna, who also goes by “Kay” finds her place at The Nest to be “really, really exciting.” She started off as a teacher for the afterschool program and already experienced a growing bond with the children she works with before transitioning into her current role.  

Kay has a strong passion for children and helping them learn. “What makes me the happiest is being that extra person in their corner. That extra ear. Extra safe space. I didn’t have that growing up, and I want to be that person young me didn’t have.”  

She can be her quirky, silly, and outgoing self when she is around not only the children that she teaches but also the teachers. She encourages everyone to find commonality with each other and to just “be yourself!”  

During her time at The Nest, she has found that she learns so much from children she did not think she would have before. “They have helped me with my patience. I am usually very impatient, but they remind me that life is trial and error. We try new things together, and I am surprised at how much I learn from them.”  

She expresses that sometimes children have a challenging time expressing themselves without getting upset or frustrated. Recognizing this, she encourages them to “use their words.”  

“Communication, communication, communication,” she reiterates. “It is so important!”  

She found a brand-new love in learning through teaching a play-based curriculum. She finds that she can fully be her genuine, authentic, and creative self at The Nest.  

We absolutely adore Katreuna and are so lucky to have her on our team! 

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