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Making the Most Out of Mealtimes

Meaningful Meals

Did you know?!

Mealtimes offer great opportunities to introduce and practice skills such as identifying colors and shapes?

During mealtimes young children are surrounded by foods of various colors, shapes, characteristics, and even from different food groups. This can be a great opportunity to expose them to different colors, shapes, and even methods for sorting and classifying foods. This makes for a great opportunity to incorporate fun activities that support color and shape identification for kids.


Here are some creative ways parents can do this:

Use colorful plates and utensils: Use plates, bowls, and utensils in different colors to serve meals. Encourage your child to identify the colors of their plate, cup, and utensils.

Play with food shapes: Cut fruits, vegetables, and sandwiches into different shapes using cookie cutters. Let your child help and talk with them about each shape.

Sort and categorize foods: Encourage your child to sort foods by color or shape before eating. For example, they could group all the red foods together or separate the square crackers from the round ones.

Use food as art: Arrange foods on the plate or platter to create simple shapes or patterns. Encourage your child to serve themselves from the platter and see if they can make a rainbow of color with the foods they choose!

Discuss colors and shapes: During mealtime, talk about the colors and shapes of the foods you are eating. Ask your child questions like, “Can you find something blue on your plate?” or turn it into a fun game of “I Spy”!

Colors and Shapes at the Supermarket: Head to the supermarket together and pick out some yummy foods. As you put them into your cart, talk about the different shapes and colors of the foods.

Make mealtime a learning experience: Use mealtime as an opportunity to introduce new colors and shapes to your child. Talk about the colors and shapes of foods they may not be familiar with.


By incorporating these activities into mealtimes, parents can make learning about colors and shapes fun and engaging for their children.