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“Incredible Me” by Kathi Appelt

Welcome to Buddy’s Book Review! A review of our favorite children’s books here at The Nest Schools. We thoroughly believe in the power of literature and are excited to introduce wonderful new children’s books to our families in hopes that they will expand their own home libraries as we expand ours!   

How will we review and rate each book? Each book will be rated in terms of likeness to our core values: kindness, fun, wellness, and innovation. Five beautiful feathers will be given for the core value we think that each book represents the best. Happy Reading! 

“Incredible Me” by Kathi Appelt is a delightful children’s book that beautifully explores the theme of self-love and acceptance of one’s own uniqueness, making it an excellent addition to any family’s reading list. With its enchanting illustrations, playful language, and empowering message, this story is sure to captivate both children and adults alike. 


The story follows the adventures of a young and spirited little girl who is on a quest to discover her own uniqueness and self-worth. With each new page, she discovers new qualities about herself that are unlike anyone else. Further emphasizing that our differences are what make us remarkable and that we should value these qualities for there is no one else quite like “INCREDIBLE ME!.  

As parents, we often strive to instill in our children a sense of self-worth and self-love, and “Incredible Me” is a wonderful tool to help us. The story is a must-read for families and children of all ages. It serves as a reminder that each of us is incredible in our own way and that self-love is the key to embracing our true selves. 

Buddy proudly gives “Incredible Me” five feathers for WELLNESS and encourages you all to take a look at yourselves and identify the unique qualities that make you incredible, too!