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Fun and Simple Games for Family Game Night

Family game nights are a great way to get the whole family together for a fun time! While board games are a popular choice, the time it takes to set up might be a bore. Between everyone needing to be reminded of the rules and double-checking to see which pieces are missing, it can be a lot to manage long before gameplay! 

No matter the hassle, the most important thing is to have fun together as a family and discover which games deliver the greatest joy and amusement for the whole family. Let’s take a look at some fun games to try at your next family game night!  

Bringing it back to the classics:  

Hedbanz: This is a fun and easy game, and even the family’s youngest members will find it fun! The plastic headband is worn by Player #1, who puts a card in the slot without looking at it. The goal is to figure out what person, place or object is on the card in the slot! Good luck! 

Bananagrams: Much like scrabble, players draw letter tiles out of the center of the table and build words until one player has used all the tiles – the only difference is that no one takes turns, and everyone plays their moves at once!  

Minute to Win It: Don’t waste time in this lightning-fast game! Ask each team to produce up to 10 challenges they want the other side to complete in only a minute. The sky is the limit on the obstacles you can come up with, but a game is available for purchase at most game stores if you’re feeling uninspired.   

Shark Bite: Young family members will love this game! Players use a fishing rod to lure out sea creatures from shark’s mouths. It looks deceptively easy but be aware of the shark taking your treasure!  

Ship of Treasures: Arggh, matey! Hoist your anchor and set sail! Another sea-themed game sure to spark imagination. Pirate lovers will love this game! Find your buried treasure with the best strategy at the table.  

Chopped: Do you think you have what it takes to become the next top chef? Using only items you have in stock in your kitchen, select up to four ingredients the other team should use to make a dish in a determined amount of time. Assign Judges who can then judge presentation, taste, and creativity to determine the winner – just like the real show!  

Jeopardy: Pretty self-explanatory! Jeopardy is all about who knows more than the other but make sure only to use questions and answers that are fair to younger family members. We want to make sure we create opportunities for victories for the little ones, too! Our suggestion is to have only a few categories and use PowerPoint or index cards for the board.  


Games That Get You Active  

Obstacle Course: Creating an obstacle course can get the whole family active and moving. Obstacles can include: 

  • Climbing through a tunnel made of blankets and pillows. 
  • Taking seven “trips” around the house. 
  • Doing 20 jumping jacks in the living room. 

You can get creative with this one!  

Twister: A classic game that requires balance and concentration! Spin the wheel to see which family member can out-balance the others. For larger families, team up and take turns.   

Corn Hole: Play a game of corn hole to find out who can make it into the hole first! Set up homemade boards and give it your best “shot.”   

Charades: “One word, sounds like?” Charades require enthusiasm and calculated theatrics. Act out a specific word well enough and your partner just might guess correctly! Can be purchased or created within the home. 

Scavenger Hunt: Players can search for hidden items around the house, in the neighborhood, or on vacation. A well-created scavenger hunt never fails to get everyone’s excitement up! 

Hide and Seek: It sounds simple but finding new and creative places to hide in your home takes a lot of skill and imagination. If this option isn’t exciting enough, use a timer to see how quickly each team can find the other opponents or turn off the lights and use flashlights! 


No matter the game you pick to play this family game night, it is important to spend intentional time together. Not only does it create lasting memories with your loved ones, but spending time together to play fun games can help build lasting bonds and a sense of security and comfort. We hope that these ideas spark many fun game nights in the future for you and your family!