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Four Reasons You Should Work in Early Childcare

When it comes to great careers, we think working in childcare fits the bill. 

Most people think the only reason to work in childcare is if you love children. You might have a larger number of siblings, cousins, children, or younger family members that you spent a considerable amount of time looking after, or perhaps you worked as a babysitter or nanny for a few years. Or you might be a father/mother and/or caregiver who is seeking a rewarding and fulfilling change in their career. You also might have already heard about the rewarding qualities of working with children, but have you heard why it’s so rewarding? There are numerous reasons! Here are just five of many benefits to working in early childcare: 


Joy and Fun 

Working with children is never boring. They say creative and silly things all the time. Seeing the world through children’s eyes can be refreshing – the amount of imagination that they have is endless! Many of the lesson plans and curriculum activities that The Nest Schools provides children revolve around play as children constantly learn through the act of playing. Through an explorative art or science activity, children can learn so many valuable skills such as being able to follow directions, shape/color recognition, number/letter recognition, how to self-help, vocabulary, comprehension, and much more! While having fun through play, you are playing a pivotal role in providing them a space to learn these skills – while enjoying art and science yourself! 

Steady Income 

As schools open back up, teachers and childcare staff become highly in-demand positions that provide consistent schedules and steady income. This is critically important during a pandemic, a time of job uncertainty for many.  


Shaping the Future and Impacting Lives 

The most critical years in life are during the early first years. 90 percent of the human brain develops by the age of five. Children learn so much, from distinguishing good behavior from bad, to how to socialize with other children. Good childcare can not only improve the life of a child, but also the entire family unit. 

Children are our future. Today’s children are tomorrow’s future. Working directly with the next generation during the first five years of their lives and setting them up for success makes a direct impact on the future. You play a key role in shaping the lives of future doctors, artists, therapists, scientists, engineers, and many more. You also might be a haven for children who do not have a safe space in their home life, providing them with hope, kindness, and empathy that they normally might not receive otherwise.  


Gain knowledge and work on relationship building skills 

If you thrive off of being a team player, early childcare might be the career path for you. You will enjoy experiencing milestones as an individual while sharing a love for early childhood education. Together, you work together to support children’s emotional, physical, and mental development! 


Whether you have graduated from school or are looking for a change in careers, believe that a career in early childhood education could be worth looking into and investigating further.  

At The Nest Schools, we offer rewarding career opportunities, unparalleled training and professional development, and industry-leading benefits. Head on over to our careers page to learn more about joining a team of the best in early childhood education.