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How to Show and Teach Gratitude

Gratitude has the power to change perspective. It has the potential to help you feel happier, improve your health, soak up wonderful experiences, and build stronger relationships with others. When we actively practice gratitude, we interrupt cyclic negative thinking, thoughts of fear, and judgmental self-talk. Gratitude plays a significant role in an individual’s overall well-being, which means it is a critical component in early childhood […]

Getting Your Child Excited about Reading

Simply put, activities such as reading books together and storytelling are important in early childhood education in relation to developing literacy, language, and social skills later in life. Reasons for this importance go beyond the simple fact that literacy is a fundamental part of functioning in today’s society. Reading is how we discover new things that interest us. It is how we continue to educate […]

Stress and Children

stress blog post

We are all familiar with stress. Not surprisingly, it is a common feeling among American adults.