Our North Dallas school will be closed on February 2 due to inclement weather. 


Build A First-Aid Kit Perfect for Your Family

Accidents will inevitably happen when you have a child, and a proper first-aid kit is a must-have for growing families! There are so many first-aid kits on the market, whether from your local pharmacy or ready to ship on Amazon. These pre-built kits range from cheap Band-Aids and antibiotic ointments to expensive prepper/survivalist-grade kits. Depending […]

Fighting The Monster Under The Bed

Halloween brings about ghosts and goblins – a pleasant sight for parents and families that celebrate the holiday. But what happens when those monsters creep up under your child’s bed, keeping them up awake and startled? Is there really a whole society of monsters hired to hide and frighten children? (Thank you, Monsters Inc.!) Both […]

5 Yummy and Nutritious Soups to Make for Your Family

Soup is said to be as old as the history of cooking, with the earliest soup-making dating back to 20,000 BC! Research suggests that the earliest soup-cooking practices consisted of digging a hole in the ground and lining it with animal skin and hot stones. Bones from animals would then be boiled, creating the first […]

Salutations! 10 Yoga Poses to Try with Your Child

It is no secret that yoga, meditation, and mindful breathing can improve our overall physical and mental health, and children of any age are no exception. Studies have shown that the number of schools practicing yoga and meditation with young children has increased since 2012. A study by the CDC shows that the percentage of […]

Buddy’s Book Drive in Partnership with Reach Out and Read

We are so excited to announce our partnership with Reach Out and Read in hosting a children’s book drive this month! Reach Out and Read is the only national nonprofit organization that works directly in pediatric primary care practices to foster the many benefits of families reading aloud to their children every day. The nonprofit […]

Calling all Nature Lovers: 6 Books to Inspire Nature Adventure

There is so much research-based evidence suggesting the importance of outdoor play for early childhood development. From an increase in mood, risk-taking, motivation, and problem-solving, the great outdoors is the original playground blueprint. Playing outdoors leaves children free to use their imagination while learning about the world around them through all their senses. Besides sharing […]

Keeping Baby Safe at Home

Bringing home your baby is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and memorable moments of your life – but it also can be stressful. Although it is time-consuming and not the most fun activity, baby “proofing” your home is not always as widely discussed as it should be. Overlooking or underestimating several aspects and areas […]

Physical Activity is Important for Baby’s Development

We have all heard that setting personal fitness goals and establishing an exercise routine is a great way to improve and maintain both our physical and mental health. Packing more movement into your week is essential, especially as a small growing human! Encouraging infants to be active in both movement and play is important to […]

Fun Fall Activities For The Whole Family

Leaves are changing, pumpkins are appearing, and the weather has started to change. That’s right – it’s autumn! The new season brings plenty of fun fall memories to look forward to. From stargazing to scenic drives through mountains to see the leaves change in, there are plenty of great fall activities to enjoy with the […]