How Movement and Music Benefits Early Child Development

Music and movement play a huge role in child development! Just as important as math, science, reading, or writing, music and movement are great ways to learn about yourself and the world around you. Children enjoy music and will begin reacting to music at an early age! As they grow older, a child’s love of […]

Teaching Children Active Listening Skills

With the many distractions that our current world has, it is crucial more than ever to practice active listening skills! Listening is a critical part of the learning process, especially the ability to listen to others actively. The ability to listen actively impacts not only a student’s ability to learn but is an important impact […]

Teaching Children the Importance of Ocean Conservation

The ocean is a fascinating part of our planet. Learning about the ocean and ocean life with your child can be an amazing bonding experience and highly educational for the whole family. There is so much to know, do, and see! About the Ocean Earth’s ocean covers just about three-quarters of its surface, and the […]

Parenting Stories That We LOVE

Parenting comes with many joyful moments and hard trials. However, every struggle is worth all the loving memories created between family. On Global Parents Day, we want to recognize the many stories of real parents, caregivers, and guardians, raising wonderful children. We asked Nest parents to share some of their favorite parenting stories, anonymously or not, […]

School’s Out For Summer: Preventing Summer Learning Loss

Students returning to school this fall face the possibility of starting the academic year with achievement scores lower than what they had scored at the beginning of summer break. This phenomenon has a few names but is commonly referred to as “summer learning loss”. The idea is that, without regular practice, new knowledge fades with […]

Why Teachers are SO Important!

Teachers play such a significant role in our society. They are in a position to shape future leaders that will one day contribute to positive and inspirational change for generations to come. Great teachers change lives for the better. They have the ability to shape their students’ young opinions while pushing them to achieve goals, […]

Separation Anxiety Blues

It might have been a lovely moment the first time your child told you they didn’t want you to leave. Feeling sadness when seeing someone go is a sign of a loving and closely bonded relationship, and you might have given them reassurance and a few extra hugs before sending your child on their way. […]

5 Ways to Create Mindfulness at Home

During stressful times, it is so important to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is the act of being in the moment. It is the courageous act of appreciating every small, seemingly insignificant detail with zero judgements or expectations. Mindfulness does not equate to being inactive, rather it is to actively choose to be present, cherishing the “now”. […]

Meet Katreuna

Bird’s Eye View: Enrichment Coordinator Katreuna is currently an Enrichment Coordinator at The Nest in Cinco Ranch, Texas. She is lively, bubbly, and all-around a joy to talk with. When she isn’t working at The Nest, she visits with her grandmother every weekend to play cards and cook while playing music in the background. Her […]