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5 Books to Read This Black History Month

Black History Month honors the triumphs, struggles, and sacrifices of African Americans throughout U.S. history. It celebrates the leaders, pioneers, and creators within the community and is an opportunity to celebrate differences and similarities between cultures. It is also a stark reminder to be kind and appreciate others!  

At The Nest Schools, kindness is more than our most important core value. It is our way of life and our greatest lesson for our children. Each day, we look to weave activities that promote kindness and community in our classrooms and hope that you will join our mission to spread kindness throughout your community during Black History Month and every month. 

In the end, people are more alike than different and teaching our children this at an early age will only make our world a better place. Here are five wonderful books that we recommend for children and families to celebrate and appreciate Black History Month: The Jazz Man, I Am Martin Luther King Jr, Mae Among The Stars, The ABCs of Black History, and Grace For President. 



The Jazz Man by Karen Erhardt 

Two great themes to explore with little kids during Black History Month are music and dance. Black Americans have long contributed to music and dance throughout history and young children will love this book tributed to African-American jazz stars! Set to the rhythm of the classic children’s song “This Old Man”, this book showcases lovely illustrations to invite kids into the world of classic musicians such as Charlie Parker, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and Bill “Bojangles” and more. 


I Am Martin Luther King Jr (Ordinary People Can Change the World) 

By Brad Meltzer 

Delightful and insightful, this book about Martin Luther King Jr. is written in a fantastic way! Through peaceful protests and marches, his dream of equal rights, and his dedication to the cause, Brad Meltzer’s book grips your attention and teaches children about the significance of King’s work during the civil rights movement. 


Mae Among The Stars by Roda Ahmed 

This sensational story of Mae Jemison: the first African American woman to go to space, is perfect for young children and girls especially! It is based on Jemison’s childhood dreams of wanting to one day be an astronaut and how she paved the way for not only herself, but other little girls like her. It is an inspirational story, and a must read! 


The ABCs of Black History by Rio Cortez 
The ABCs of Black History commemorates a story dedicated to significant moments throughout black history, letter by letter. 
P is for Power, S is for Science and Soul! G is for Great Migration! H is for Zora Neale Hurston, X is for Malcom X. It’s an ABC book like no other, as this book celebrates life, love, and the pursuit of happiness.  
Written in a catchy rhyming pattern, this book is sprinkled with helpful information on the events, places, and people mentioned throughout. From Mae Jemison to W. E. B. Du Bois, this book is an important piece of literature to read during Black History Month! 


Grace for President, by Kelly DiPucchio 

This story follows the election of an elementary student, Grace, who runs for president after learning there has never been a female president of the US!  Spoiler Alert: Grace ends up winning the election in the end! She serves as the first president at her school, breaking glass barriers and stereotypes along the way. Yay, Grace! 


No matter your level of knowledge about the significance that Black Americans have had on US history and culture, these books are sure to fill in any gap! Written in catchy, poetic verbiage, children are bound to love every page for years to come while learning why we celebrate Black History Month every year.  Happy Reading!