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10 Reasons to Work at The Nest Schools

Top Ten Reasons to Work at the Nest Schools 

Looking for a new career is not always smooth sailing. We get it – there is a process to it! From searching different job-hunting platforms, reading job descriptions, filling out applications, and the dreaded waiting period, a new career takes multiple steps before finding your dream job. Here at The Nest Schools, we have numerous job opportunities for kind, compassionate people who want to make a true difference for future generations to come. Here are just a few reasons we think you should consider us as the next step in your career: 

1. New Company, Opportunities are Endless 

As a new company, the opportunities for growth are endless. We are continuously growing and expanding, and we want you to grow with us. We have had multiple employees who have switched positions within the company to something they enjoy greater than their previous position – your happiness and success truly matter to us more than filling a position! With ambition and a kind heart, the sky is the limit! 

2. Gratitude is the Attitude 

No matter your position within The Nest Schools, we are grateful for you joining our team. Each individual employee makes The Nest who we are. We show gratitude for employees through weekly fun activities, friendly competitions, Thankful Thursdays, and Staff highlights.  

3. Kindness is not only a Priority, but also one of our core values 

In everything that we do, we emphasize kindness and compassion. We listen to understand rather than listen to respond. We work with a desire to make sure that each employee has every tool in their toolbelt to succeed, both at work and at home.  


4. Constant Employee Engagement – We are always having FUN 

We strive to provide a fun and positive work environment for all staff at The Nest Schools. This means providing staff with fun activities each Monday at every location to build and strengthen coworking relations. We have had activities like puzzles, races, scavenger hunts, hot chocolate bars, popcorn bars, and so much more! Sometimes, we will even have national activities between schools – such as sending kind cards to each other on World Kindness Day! 


5. Generous Benefits Package — We care about your WELLNESS 

Wellness is at the forefront of everyone’s minds right now. We offer extensive benefits packages to our full-time employees through Cigna. This includes an HSA account, and numerous other great benefits! 


6. Tuition Reimbursement: Your Future is Important to Us 

As we mentioned earlier, your happiness and success matter greatly to us. Getting an education can sometimes feel out of reach due to financial and time management reasons. For any employee that wants to further their career in Early Childcare Education, we want to help in making this happen for you. Because of this, we offer tuition reimbursement to our full-time employees. 

7. Holidays 

Another great part about working in early childcare is that you will have all federal holidays off as all school locations are closed for most major holidays, such as: Christmas, New Years Eve, and more.  

8. Great Schedule 

Hate working on the weekend? At the Nest Schools, all of our locations are closed on weekends and are only open during the week. This means you will always get to enjoy Saturdays and Sundays with your loved ones.  

9. We are always beating our best: INNOVATION 

As a new early education provider, we are constantly striving to beat what we once considered our best. We are looking for the most efficient and most rewarding methods of communication, technology, and general advancements for our staff and families.  

We recently just launched The Nest University that allows you to learn any skill within the company and earn badges/points. Each month, we recognize the top scholars within The Nest University.  

10. A Career that Changes Lives and the World for the Better 

If you are someone who has always wanted to make a difference in someone else’s life, you should consider a career in early education/early childcare. Children are not just fun to work with, but you will be directly working with the next generation of leaders, doctors, teachers, scientists, and more. This is your time to truly make a difference by teaching them kindness, thoughtfulness, and compassion for others. It all starts with our children: their educators, directors, regionals, and staff.